Scuba Diving Galapagos Islands

In the Galapagos Islands there are tons of impressive marine life to see. There are 30+ sharks, and one of the rarest animals that live there, the marine iguana, who is one of the things Galapagos is famous for. 

With all the excellent dive sites to go to, here are the two that we think you should try out first. Cape Douglas, which is in Fernandina Island, is great for seeing marine life, and actually has penguins that live there, plus seals and the marine iguanas. El Arenal in Darwin Island, which is famous for the great stone arch has plenty of sharks that roam the rocky coast. 

The most famous Island in Galapagos is easily Darwin Island, and as you can see has El Arenal, so this place is loaded with sharks and other marine life. 

One of these is the Galapagos shark, which despite its name is found worldwide mainly off tropical coasts. Its top teeth are triangular and have no curve to them, while the bottom ones are pointy and have curves going inwards on both sides. This is one of the Galapagos shark’s adaptations to make it more suitable for its lifestyle. 

They usually stick to reefs and places with rough bottoms that stick out, so it can hide.